My new obsession – milk glass

Happy Monday! Today was very cold in the Toronto area. It was one of those days that started to make you think, “winter is long & were just in the middle of it…ugh”. To lift my (& your) spirits I thought I’d share my latest obsession, milk glass. My dear mother recently opened to my eyes of vintage house ware pieces. Never the less, I immediately fell in love. Vintage pieces have definitely been popping up more and more in interior design. Milk glass being one of those. I love milk glass for so many reasons; it is feminine, has beautiful detailing, and is the perfect crisp white. Unfortunately condo life = lack of storage, so I have had to hold myself back from over purchasing.

The first piece I owned was this beautiful ruffled edge bowl. Often it is filled with candy (I could probably eat all those mini eggs in one sitting – definitely my guilty pleasure) or sits at the base of my hall console.

My mom and I quickly realized that we had a new obsession and needed to grow our collection (my mom has more pieces in her home!). Next we purchased this beautiful vase.


Have you ever seen two things go better together then the vase and those tulips?!

My last piece is definitely my favourite. I had my eye on this piece for quite a while. We purchase the pieces from a local online business so each day I would go on the website and admire it. Then finally one day I noticed that it was sold. Of course I was heartbroken and wished I had bought it myself. Later that week I went to my parents to find that my mom had purchased it for me! The sweetest. This piece I typically only use for special occasions – here it is displaying a friends lovely cupcakes at an engagement party! It is the perfect piece for bridal showers, baby showers, and holiday parties. It makes those sweet treats and appetizers even more divine.

FullSizeRender copy

Do you have any milk glass pieces? Or a love for vintage items? Let me know in the comments below!


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