Dreaming of…the Drake Dev

This past fall my sister, cousin and I took a quick road trip from the city to the Drake Devonshire Inn in Prince Edward County. Let me tell you, this place was gorgeous! It was a hot & sunny day in October and my cousin was preparing to leave for Whistler for the winter. We couldn’t have picked a better outing for the day. As you might know the Drake Dev is in association with the well known Drake Hotel in Toronto. So I was expecting good food, good drinks and a relaxed vibe. It did not disappoint & we were lucky enough to snag a spot on the patio overlooking Lake Ontario.

Since we went over Thanksgiving weekend we all ordered their seasonal punch to start. The punch had an apple cider base with hints of seasonal spices, some of my favourite flavours blended together. It was really tasty. Next, time to order some food! The menu is small but has a good variety of dishes. We all tried different items from the menu which allowed us to taste each other’s. My sister definitely had the best dish, their ‘Buckwheat Pasta Carbonara’ – it was soooo good.

After lunch we took some time to wander the beautiful property, enjoy their art exhibits and appreciate the “summer weather”. They even had a photo booth inside where we obviously took some goofy photos.

Sitting here right now on a cold winter night, I’m dreaming of this beautiful day and location. I will definitely be going back very soon. I highly recommend to take a trip out of the city to visit this picture-perfect place!

Have you ever been to Prince Edward County or the Drake Dev? What was your favourite spot?


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