Boston Pt. 1

Last April my boyfriend Matt and I traveled to Boston to visit his brother who is currently living there. We went over the Easter weekend to save some days off work. It was a bit risky knowing how cold it can be there but it ended up being the warmest weather they had in months and was sunny most of the weekend. So we really lucked out! We had recently returned from a trip to NYC over Christmas so I didn’t really know what to expect from the city of Boston. I can now say it is one of my favourite places to visit! The city is walkable, has great restaurants and shopping, and I love the old world feel with the cobble stone paths and brownstone buildings. This travel guide will be split into two parts so stay tuned for part two!

The first day we arrived in the afternoon so we spent some time casually walking the city, taking in all the sites and grabbed some food and drinks to catch up with Matt’s brother. We started off in Copley Square. This church took my breathe away, so beautiful! Copley square is a public square which is a central spot within the city.


After we grabbed some food we went over to The Hawthorne for drinks. This place was really cool. It had an old men’s club feel and incredible drinks. These were the type of drinks that instead of being flooded with sweet juices and sodas are a blend of flavours based purely from various liquors. My drink was definitely strong but it was refreshing to have something so authentic. That night were crashed pretty quickly knowing that we had a full day of adventures ahead.


The next day we had planned to do a tour of a local brewery, Harpoon Brewery, located in the south end of Boston. On our walk there (which was way longer then we had predicted) we passed by the Boston Tea Party Museum.


Once we got to the brewery we quickly realized how popular the place was and scheduled the tour for a couple of hours later. So what else to do but kill time and go for some drinks! We walked down the street to a local pub. *Side note: A few years ago I was diagnosed as gluten intolerant due to some pretty terrible digestive issues I was going through. Now I am able to manage those issues much better through diet and supplements. With that being said I still try and stay away from gluten if the option is there especially with beer as I find it bothers my stomach the most. So when I saw on the menu they had a gluten-free beer I had to try it! Turns out it was the best gluten-free beer I have ever tried. Sadly I have not found it in Toronto yet.


After we killed some time we went back over to the brewery. Now I’ve been on my fair share of wine and beer tours but I must say this is the best one I have ever been on! Although I do think the best part was actually after the tour when we got to just hang out and sip beers in the beer hall (I had a cider which was really good too). This hall was packed end to end with long wooden harvest tables that everyone sat at together. I felt like I was back in my high school cafeteria. Overall a really fun experience!


Matt’s brother then decided to take us on the scenic tour through the south end of Boston. It was a great way to see the city but it was a longggg walk! I kept thinking to myself “He better be taking us to a cool spot”. Along the way we came across an urban park with a “donut swing”. I had way too much fun here.


After what seemed like an eternity we made it to our destination – Dorchester Heights. This is the type of place that is underrated and boasts an awesome view of the city. It was worth the hike.


Well that wraps up part one of my Boston travel guide! Stayed tuned for part two…

What are some of your favourite spots in Boston?


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