Boozy Brunch

Yesterday Matt and I got together with 4 of our close friends to have a boozy brunch! We had great food, great company and tons of laughs. It was such a good way to switch things up and bring friends together! On the menu was waffles, yogurt, fruit, muffins, coffee with Bailey’s and of course, mimosas. I wanted to be able to have a waffle as well so I picked up a gluten-free pancake mix (the Compliments brand from Sobeys is the BEST, most of my friends prefer it over regular mixes) and whipped up a waffle with it. It was delicious. I mean, how good does that look?!


Brunch appropriate decor was also a must. My friend covered her table with a white linen table cloth, had tulips in an adorable yellow vase, and sparkling wine sitting on ice with various juices to pour over. It was very “brunchy”. Overall such a great day with friends – you should give boozy brunch a try!




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