Living in a small space? Decor tips for your condo-sized bedroom

Happy Family Day to readers living in Toronto! We finally have some warmer weather today and the sun is shining so I hope you get the chance to get outside and spend the day with loved ones.

Something you might not know about me is that I live in a condo. A 750 square foot condo to be exact. By no means do I feel like the space is too small. I actually love the size of my space (Matt might feel differently about this). It’s cozy, comfortable and easy to clean! But when you live in a small space you need to be smart about the decor. The decor should flow from space to space, having a similar colour scheme and feel. When you are a renter there is some things you can’t change depending on your landlord like the colour of the walls, appliances, the floor etc. so I recommended finding one colour scheme that works well and go with it. For us it was easy, we found a couch that we absolutely adored from Urban Barn and ran with it. The couch is a light blue-grey colour so I decided that would be the focal colour with white, black, yellow and metal (silver, copper) accents. After about a year of living in our space and time spent saving money I feel like our space is the way I pictured it would be. Over the course of the next little bit I will show you the different spaces in my condo so stay tuned! For today I will start with our bedroom.

When we moved into the condo we purchased a new queen sized bed and acquired a beautiful cherry wood cabinet. Both of these pieces are large and I knew would take up a lot of space in the bedroom so we had to be mindful of any other pieces we wanted to bring in. In addition, one whole wall of the room is windows which adds beautiful natural light and warmth into the space but leaves us with only three walls to work with. I decided I would start by purchasing the bedding and work from there. Turns out that was pretty easy as I found a duvet cover and shams I fell in love with when we bought our couch at Urban Barn.

The duvet and shams are in a deeper shade of grey with a white lattice pattern. Ideally I would love to have more throw pillows but I know they drive Matt crazy so I went with one yellow accent pillow. In the pictures you might notice that the duvet is not a full fluffy one you might usually see. Matt and I went with a natural wool filled duvet as he has really bad allergies. It’s not as fluffy as I would like it but is warm and much more breathable in the summer months.

Those photos above my bed I took on a trip to Europe when I was in high school. I love that I can add personal touches throughout my space.


In the corner of our room by the window I added a low ottoman for extra storage. Storage in condos is SO important. So I tried to add small pieces for extra storage wherever possible.

This is the top of the ottoman with a silver tray from Home Outfitters, some personal picture frames, a candle from Chapters and of course a milk vase (which is new to my collection, thanks mom!) filled with some fresh tulips. I love this area of my room. It really adds a feminine touch without being too much.

Last is our bedside tables. I think these were the most difficult pieces to find and for Matt and I to agree on. I wanted something that was airy and appeared less bulkly beside our bed. Matt wanted something with drawers for storage. After many outings to different home decor stores we finally agreed on these from Target.

The black adds a pop of bold colour against the white accents and light coloured walls and the wire design creates a lighter look. For the lamp shades I went with a narrow all white shade that has a simple quilted design. I added more photo frames, a jewellery dish from Chapters and a cactus plant from a local flower shop.

That’s my bedroom and I love the way it has come together. What is your favourite room in your space? What is the decor like? I’d love to hear from you guys!


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