A few of my favourite things

Happy Sunday and first day of spring! It’s still pretty cold here in Toronto but the sun is shining and after 5 days of rain, it’s all I really need! I have been MIA for the past two weeks thanks to the flu and an insane schedule at work. The combination of those two things makes it difficult to balance everything. Nonetheless, that has all passed and I’m back with some of my favourite things as we move into spring. I love spring for two reasons. One, the warmer weather. If you know me well you know that I am cold ALL THE TIME. So it’s nice not to feel that way. Two, spring gives the feeling of new beginnings. With the sun out longer (not having to leave work when it’s dark outside only to wake up and go back to work in the dark) and nature blossoming I really feel like I can fit more into the day and make new goals for myself, aka actually going downstairs to my condo gym for once. With everything feeling so new I like to revamp some of my wardrobe and products I use. Here are some of those new additions to my life!


boscia – Bright White Mask

This peel-off mask is AMAZING. Not only does it smell nice but it makes your face feel fresh and brightens dull skin from the winter months. After washing my face on a Sunday night I will apply this mask, wait until it is dry, and peel it off. The perfect way to start your week off right!

Essie – Find Me An Oasis

I included this nail colour in my Spring ’16: My Nail Polish Picks post (check it out if you haven’t read it yet!) but I love the colour so much I had to include it again. This colour is perfect for transitioning into spring. In some lights it looks very white and in others you really can see the “robin’s egg” blue come through. I just love the subtleness of this pastel!


Tarte – Gifted Amazonian Clay Smart Mascara

I have extremely sensitive eyes and moving into spring I have noticed I have been bothered by allergens making my eyes tear like crazy. Mascara running in your eyes is not a comfortable feeling. So I wanted to find a mascara that was a bit more gentle and I came across this one. Let me tell you this is one awesome mascara! It plumps and lengthens my lashes like many of my favourite mascara’s but doesn’t sting if it runs in my eyes. If you give this mascara a try know that it takes a bit longer to dry so give yourself some extra time in the morning for application otherwise you’ll be boasting raccoon eyes at the office.

H&M – Turtleneck Jumper

I purchased this sweater a few weeks ago. I wanted something that I could transition into spring that had a cozy feel without the chunky knit. This sweater is perfect! Still warm but made with a lighter material. It comes in three neutral colours that you can pair with your favourite ripped jeans for a night out or a pair of black jeans and a chunky necklace to dress up your look for the office.

What are some of your favourites for spring? Let me know in the comments below!

Spring ’16: My Nail Polish Picks

Today’s milder weather here in Toronto has me dreaming of spring temperatures and spring colours. So I thought I’d share my top nail polish picks for spring 2016! One thing you should know is that I actually wear pastel spring colours year round. Sometimes I mix it up with a deep grey or blue in the fall and holiday colours around Christmas but for the most part my go-to’s year round are pale pinks and nude colours. One of my closest friends says that I like “the boring colours” – she loves the neon brights all year round – but the positive I take from that is I have a wide collection of pastel colours to choose from! Here are my top five colours for spring ’16!


  1. Sugar fix by Sally Hansen Miracle Gel – LOVE this pastel blue. It’s the perfect colour to transition from spring through summer. It’s fun, colourful, and bold but still has a “spring” feel to it which is why this is one of my top picks!
  2. Figi by Essie – Ok, so I think most people can agree that this is their go-to colour. Essie’s Figi is THE perfect colour in my opinion. This colour is bright and fun but is neutral enough that you can wear it day-to-day. Pick this colour for your next mani, I promise you won’t get bored of it.
  3. Find Me An Oasis by Essie – This colour is new to my collection. It’s hard to describe this colour perfectly but I would say it’s somewhere between an off-white and robin egg blue. Love love love!
  4. Birthday Suit by Sally Hansen Miracle Gel – I love this nude colour! It’s an opaque nude so it gives you a pop of colour without being too much. An ideal colour to transition from day to night.
  5. Soul Mate by Sinful Colours – The best way I can describe this colour is halfway between rose pink and coral. This is definitely the most “colourful” of the group and I don’t wear it as often as the others but it’s a great colour to transition into summer!

polish 2

As you can see above there’s a bit of a trend, I primarily have colours from two different brands. Ideally I would like to be more diverse with my nail polish brands but I’m not. I found two brands I love and they never fail to impress so I just stick with ol’ faithfuls.  I love Essie because of their colour choices. I find they have the widest range of colours to choose from and I love them all. I love Sally Hansen Miracle Gel (or Complete Salon Manicure) because the polish seems to last the longest on my nails without any chips and the wide brush helps for precise application.

P.S. Sally’s Hansen’s Miracle Gel Top Coat is AMAZING! It gives your nails volume and really helps to make your manicure last longer without chipping. I use it as my top coat for all my at-home mani’s.

What are your favourite nail polish colours for this season? Am I missing out on any? Let me know in the comments below!

xo Michelle

My Essential Lip Colours

Ah lipstick…it’s such a bittersweet thing. I love experimenting and trying different lipsticks but finding colours and types that you like can be hard. I have five lipsticks that are essential in my make-up bag. Some can be worn all seasons and others are season specific.

When it comes to applying lipstick I have a few tricks up my sleeve. First I apply a lip balm to moisturize and keep chapped lips at bay. This also makes applying the lipstick easier. Then I line my lips with a lip liner that matches the skin tone of my outer lip. This helps create definition as I have small lips but also gives me boundaries to apply the colour within. Lastly, I apply the lipstick using a lipstick brush. Using a brush really helps to apply the lipstick with precision and prevent smudging beyond the natural line of your lips.

Here are my favourite lip colours!


Rebel by M.A.C

  1. Rebel by M.A.C – I’m in love with the deep richness of this colour. This is definitely a colour to wear in the fall and winter months for a night out on the town with your best girls and a LBD.

Lust for Blush by Maybelline

2. Lust for Blush by Maybelline – I love this colour for so many reasons. It’s affordable, its matte and the colour is the perfect neutral tone. I can wear it day or night and with just about anything. Highly recommend this drug store brand!


M.A.C Red by M.A.C

3. M.A.C Red by M.A.C – I think the name speaks for itself when it comes to this colour. It’s a staple red that every woman should own.


Betsey by Stila

4. Betsey by Stila – This lipstick screams summer. Add bronzed skin, sun kissed hair and you have the perfect summer look. The people at Stila knocked this one out of the park with the addition of peppermint oil (it smells SO good) and a mirror at the top of the cap. Does it get much better then that?!


Cruella Velvet Matte Lip Pencil by NARS

5. Cruella Velvet Matte Lip Pencil by NARS – This is lip pencil just came into my life recently and let me tell you it is the BEST. First off NARS has a soft spot in my heart. I have never tried a NARS product I didn’t like. This product being one of them – it does not disappoint! The pencil is ideal when it comes to precision, the colour is the perfect matte red and my lips never look dry wearing this product even after hours of wear. This one is a must try people!

What are some of your favourite lip colours? Am I missing any? Let me know in the comments below!

My 5

I thought I would share my 5 MUST HAVE beauty products. These products I cannot live without and make up my morning go to beauty routine. With these 5 products I go from tired to fresh in 5 quick minutes.

My beauty routine starts with a light liquid foundation and Sephora’s The Perfectionist: Airbrush Sponge. My go to foundation is Bourjois Healthy Mix Serum Foundation. I have been using this foundation for a few years now. It blends so well, is good for my EXTREMELY sensitive skin, covers what I want it to cover all while feeling light on my skin! It is also reasonably priced and goes a long way. Doesn’t get much better then that!

Next I use a bronzer to add some colour to my face. In the winter months living in Canada I find myself looking quite pale. I love Benefit’s Hoola Bronzer because its not too shimmery or orange but adds the perfect balanced colour.


The next piece of my beauty routine is my all time favourite blush. Blush is one of those products that I have experimented A LOT with. I’ve tried different colours, brands, compact powders, loose powders…and I keep coming back to Nars’ Blush in OrgasmI have been using this blush for over 5 years now. Highly recommend!

Lastly, I finish my beauty routine off with a drugstore favourite. I have been lucky enough to be blessed with thick, dark eyelashes. So when I am buying a mascara I am really looking for something that can add volume and lengthen my lashes. I cannot tell you how many compliments I receive when I am wearing Covergirl’s Full Lash Bloom Mascara. It adds incredible amounts of volume, length, and comes at such a low cost!


What are your top 5 beauty products? Let me know in the comments below!